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This is the kind of shit I'm talking about.

I have a secret.
albert einstein, baby poop 'n tell, bacon peninsula, big-boobed einstein, boybank, casanova: history's sauciest nobleman, chesty churchill, coconut rabbis, cousin granpa, cowboys and astronauts, crayon juice, criminal district attorney, criminal fingertalk, crunchalicious, dick crazy, drunken pirate district attorney, flying district attorney, flying fists of feet, foreplayo, funky obsessed detective robot, hair monkeys, here comes madness, hobo dreams cough syrup, house fulla murder, johnny rampage, lars vance, lord north's meal biscuits, love's tiny robot, luck of the slanted, mack romaine: private detective, mark twain, mister bossman, modern chimp-barbering romance, muggs and baby, muggs deals with death, murder me?! murder you!, pablo picasso, pagus, rabid district attorney, rodents in a trashcan, roger daltrey's sex diary, santa jones, secret of shakespeare's gold, sex blimps, sex holes, sherlockules, silhouette nonsense grampa, sir easter bunny, snake 'n bacon, sprit of 1769, tales of deep irony, the animalistic professor, the atomic dandelion, the buzz aldrin mysteries, the fabulous nut bra, the glow-in-the-dark losers, the house of walls, the human sneeze, the man from i.n.t.e.r.c.o.u.r.s.e., the mannister, the rotating professor, the scaredy twins, the wild potty, tomorrow romance, tottie tinkles, treasure island 2077, two-tailed fists, uncle jiggly, underpants-on-his-head man, wenton spildit, wonder book junior